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Judi is the inspiration behind RedPen. Starting her Internet career 6 years ago, she became on-line Community Manager for a New York based multi-media company which developed one of the most popular and successful interactive forums on CompuServe. The service attracted in excess of 650,000 members. Judi's responsibilities included on-line promotion, developing forum content and recruiting, managing and training on-line staff world-wide. Judi comments:

"Through the development of Redpen Internet Solutions I have been able to make my Internet marketing and promotion skills available to a wider audience. RedPen now comprises of a team of technicians, including copywriters, graphic designers and computer programmers so that no matter how large or small your company, we can produce and design the Web site which meets your requirements at the budget you can afford".

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James is responsible for all the database aspects of the web sites - from the initial analysis and design to the implementation of fully integrated database-driven web sites. He also designs and implements off-line database applications for RedPen clients which may or may not be linked with their on-line systems. James comments:

"More and more web sites are requiring some sort of database interface and the secret is to make sure that the database functionality is fully integrated and not just bolted on as an afterthought. We make sure that the full system life cycle is properly carried out - from requirements and analysis through to full testing and implementation. Most of all we make sure that our sites work properly and that the clients' requirements have been met".

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Alex is the senior programmer who is responsible for all aspects for the code that links the databases to any of our web sites - as well as all the other fancy stuff that makes the pages operate smoothly and efficiently. Alex comments:

"It is important before writing the first line of code to understand what the client's wishes are for the finished web site and to make sure that this remains the goal throughout the entire development process. We have experimented with various development environments but we are most comfortable using the combination of Linux/MySQL/PHP, which we feel provides a fast, stable and secure environment. I am fortunate in working with some great designers which makes life very easy when it comes to integrating my code".

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Luke is responsible for ensuring that the code which RedPen originates to produce each of our Web pages is not only robust and effective but also as brief as possible to ensure faster loading. Luke comments:

"An increasing number of Web surfers realise that it is simple to reveal the code which generates every Web page. Elegant and straightforward coding is the hallmark of professional Web designers (it is so much more reliable and flexible) and is what distinguishes the professionals from the DIY approach of Web page generating software which invariably produces bloated and complicated coding which is prone to inexplicable breakdown and unintended side effects - especially when viewed with a different Web browser, e.g. Netscape instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer or vice versa."

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Andrew is our specialist in Search Engine registration. Andrew comments:

"Getting noticed on the Web is an important part of an effective Web site. One method of achieving this is for your Web site to appear near the top of a list of relevant Web sites on one of the more popular Search Engines (e.g. Yahoo, Alta Vista, Infoseek, etc). These offer a free and truly astonishing ability to all Web surfers seeking information who only need to type in a key word or two and, within seconds, the Search Engine will deliver possibly many thousands of Web sites where information on that subject can be found. Getting somewhere near the top of these lists is a never ending battle of wits. Also, what works for one Search Engine may be positively harmful to your position on another. Devising and maintaining an effective Search Engine strategy is a time consuming but ultimately rewarding task".

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Robert is part of the RedPen client liaison team and brings with him a wealth of business and marketing experience and understanding gained over a number of years in a variety of industries. Robert says:

"I have quickly discovered that the Internet is a great leveller, small and medium sized enterprises can compete with far bigger businesses and win on budgets which are easily within their grasp. Understanding the unique nature of each client's business and relationship with their customers is also vital, so that the Internet marketing strategy is designed to focus on mutual strengths for maximum effectiveness."

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John is our chief copywriter. He has extensive experience of writing sales and marketing material as well as articles of a more technical nature, including tax, financial services and law copy writing. John comments:

"The key to effective copywriting is understanding the target audience and their preferences for receiving and reviewing the information which they seek. Writing for the internet is not the same as writing for the printed page. Web surfers have a notoriously low patience threshold so text should be short and succinct and for the eye to quickly glance across a screen of content, it must be clear instantly, to maintain the attention of the reader, how the information has been organised".

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